Prairie & Pine Photography

We’ve had the privilege of knowing Melanie Reimer of Prairie & Pine Photography for a few years now. Melanie is a great photographer who has a keen eye that sees beyond just what’s in the frame and captures the energy of the moment.

Melanie presented us with the gift of an in-home photo shoot when our daughter Mirabel was born in July of 2018. Though she is an excellent studio photographer, we were certainly more interested in the personal touch of an in-home photography session. This made the girls more at ease and compliant, Corrie was definitely more drawn to the personal touch of having the photos done in our element, and for myself it meant not having to lug the family around and make sure they didn’t stain their clothes or pull each other’s hair out before we even had a chance to snap one photo.

Now that I’m less mobile than before, I would say that a service like hers is invaluable. We would love to capture as many memories as possible while we wait on the uncertainty of if/when this disease will be under control. Getting out to a studio or some other location is just complicated now, but an in-home session is appealing and can yield some great results.

I would highly recommend you consider Prairie & Pine for your next family photography needs.