Hospital Popsicles

Watching the dietary habits of lots of different people from different walks of life has been very entertaining during my many stays here. As the wonderful dieticians make their rounds, trying to accommodate as best they can to the culinary tastes of their diverse patients, it’s made for some interesting eavesdropping. That’s when you hear nuggets like “I’m basically scared of any and all food. Except fries & Gravy”. Or, “I’m allergic to Orange Juice. Not oranges, I can eat them fine, just orange juice”.

However, one thing that I did learn from people watching, is that if you ask for a popsicle, they’ll give you a popsicle. So when the girls came for a visit, I knew just how to treat them. And of course the nursing staff were very happy to accommodate a sick father’s request to bring a smile to his kids faces.

Was it the best popsicle in the universe? Of course not. But we had fun trying to determine which flavours we each had (we came up with Mango-Banana, Blueberry-Grape, and Watermelon-Cherry). Lots ‘o fun to be had if you know how to find it at the hospital.