Hospital Food

OK, this one is a bit of low hanging fruit. Of course I was going to do a review of hospital food. So let’s dig in.

First thing that should be acknowledged: there’s lots of people who depend on this food, and those people all have different tastes. Second thing: I’m not privy to what their budget is, but I’m guessing that in all the talk of needing more nurses, more doctors, more beds, better equipment perhaps the nutrition budget isn’t their highest priority.

In all honesty, when they bring that pink lidded tray 3 times a day, mostly on time, there’s a small part of me that’s a bit giddy. Sure, this could be because it really is the only thing that isn’t predictable all day. But sometimes they hit it out of the park. Beef barley soup, turkey parmesan, pirogies and sour cream, and as was the case last night, chicken thigh and rice with broccoli.

Now it can’t all be chicken thighs and pirogies. And sure, that broccoli is probably over-steamed (boiled?), and you have to eat it with a fork tine that likes to zing as it passes your lips. You can always find something to complain about, even in restaurants that aren’t restricted to feeding people at under $1 a tray (also just a wild guess).

I think what is most impressive is the time they take with each patient to get their opinion of their meals, and wanting to fine tune it as best as they can to accommodate to your tastes. Some of my favourite quotes from other patients to the dieticians are as follows: “I’m scared of almost all food… except fries and gravy.” Amen sister. Or “I’m allergic to Orange Juice… not Oranges mind you, just Orange Juice.” Maybe I’m stereotyping here, but I wonder if you’re just allergic to the chemical compound in Sunny D?

So there’s my review of Hospital Food. Bent forks and all.