Vision Boarding

It’s becoming quite tedious. I come to the hospital with a problem relating to this disease we’re fighting, the answers to the problems mostly are complicated. Nothing is easy. Nothing like, you have a pool of fluid building up in the liver, so we’ll just go ahead and drain it. No, as was today’s case there is fluid build up in a place in the liver causing me pain. it’s in too awkward of a spot to add a third drain, so let’s explore the option of an ultrasound or CT guided needle to drain it. No, there’s just a sliver of a window between the left ventricle and my stomach, so too much of a chance there’ll just be further damage to other organs. And you know that’s just what would happen too. I’m trying to keep up good spirits, but today I just gave in. This is getting to weigh on me. So in response to grief, I decided I need to vision board my way out of this. So here’s just a smattering of things I’ll do once we have this beat or have the energy to do.