The Mobile Office

Having worked freelance for well over 10 years, I’ve always at the back of my mind wondering when the well would run dry. I’ve never had to do anything to drum up business, it always kind of just seeks me out. It’s kind of like the mechanic who drives a beater, or a cobbler who has tattered shoes. I’ve just never taken the time to effectively run any kind of campaign to drive my business.

I took a brief stint away from freelance, more in a private contractor kind of way when I helped Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery through construction and into their opening phases with graphic design and marketing. After that I felt it was time to see about a nine to fiver, complete with benefits and a lack of work coming home with me. However, when all the illness started, and the medications were driving me mad with anxiety and depression, it became clear pretty quickly that I would have to take care of the finances/finding work for myself. So back to freelancing it was.

I have been fortunate these past couple of months to be able to work during the recovery of my Sarcoidosis in the lungs, and though finding time to adequately meet the needs of my clients was a bit tricky, it really helps when you can pick and choose your own clients, especially when the clients can be quite accommodating as well in light of the situation. It’s just a matter of honesty.

This past month it’s been a bit of a gong show, however on this my third trip to the hospital I’m getting a bit smarter. The mobile office has come along for the stay. It’s still tricky to find the energy amidst all the sleep I apparently need, but if a client is in a jam I can at least give a bit of hope that I can help them out. So here’s hoping for more energy and better health to try to reclaim a bit of business time.