Daryl Hiebert Reviews Cancer (and Other Things)


A lot of these posts are written under the influence of some pretty good, I mean, heavy narcotics. You can expect typos and bad grammar from me while sober, so expect to find portions of my writing confusing. If it bothers you, let me know.

After being diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, a cancer of the bile duct and liver, I was overwhelmed with the amount of support and encouragement from family and friends. I felt that blogging was one way I could keep people informed of what was happening in my world as we navigate these treacherous waters. Taking a page from Apple’s Marketing Strategy handbook, I decided that perhaps I should Think Different about what this blog could be.

So I came up with the concept of reviewing everything and anything relating to what we’re going through. There’s a lot of products out there that are extremely helpful in light of the situation we’re going through. Case in point. But there’s also so many people who do great work in so many fields of the Health Care Industry that go unrecognized. So I thought that by reviewing everything under the lens of someone with cancer may be entertaining, enlightening and for me is a good way to keep my mind occupied while I wait for results. So much waiting and hoping.

I really hope not to offend anyone, or belittle this condition or anyone who is suffering with all forms of this disease. It’s a horrible, terrible thing, Cancer. So hopefully you feel compelled to keep coming back and show your support, it means a lot to me and my family.

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